Wearable Magick

By The Nephilim Rising 

Tools, Trinkets & Talismans for the Modern Mystic and Witch

Lux in Tenebris Lucet

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Anti-Anxiety Herbal Blend

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I AM LOVE: The Heart Chakra Spell Bottle

Open your heart center with this beautiful Wearable Magick. 

Rose Quartz Chips, Hibiscus & Red Rose Buds.

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Bestselling Hot Foot Powder!

Traditional Hot Foot Powder with my own special ingredients! This is great to rid unwanted energies and people from your life! 

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RARE Aegerine Wire Wrapped Pendant!

Aegerine Wire Wrapped Pendant! This is a POWERFUL protection stone! 

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Modern + Traditional + Ancient

I am a Creatrix, Witch, Word Alchemist, and Shaivite Hindu with my roots planted in Upstate New York. I have a deep passion for Spirituality, herb/plant allies, crystals and jewelry making; the four collided to create this venture.

All items are created and brought to life by myself. The crystals, stones, minerals, herbs, woods and resins that I sell here are chosen carefully and ethically sourced.

I believe that Magick is something everyone should (and can) experience; if I am able to help someone feel it through my signature Wearable Magick pieces, relaxing with my herbal blends, meditating with crystals, or creating Sacred space with my ritual kits then I have successfully accomplished my goal.

Top Reviews

I have struggled with really bad anxiety for the last 5 years and the only thing that helped was smoking weed, I now have come to the conclusion that I don't want to do that anymore and came across this blend. I saw that all the reviews had nothing but good things to say! I completely get why. I've only been using the product for a couple days and it calms my anxiety RIGHT away. I love this product! will definitely be purchasing more as well as recommending to my friends.


This Custom Amulet is simply amazing. The energy from the amulet was literally palpable and coming through the packaging. Here’s a little funny story: I had not opened the delivered Amulet from its original packaging for the first couple of days as I had been rather caught up with work when it arrived. But I did so immediately when I eventually figured out that it was literally the cause of a little chaos back in the home as I had not taken ownership of nor attuned the Amulet yet. LOL. This is just testament to the potency of Jaclyn’s work and reflects the quality and effort put into her creations.


Wowee wow! This is an amazing product made my a very skilled and kind individual. I had mine special ordered with no Mugwort since I’m planning on smoking this batch daily and boy howdy is it fantastic. Herbs are crisp and the maker is fabulous! I will order only from this seller forever. Changed my life."