Modern Woman, Traditional Witch, Ancient Inspiration

I am an Author, Word Alchemist and Witch with my roots planted in Upstate New York. I have a deep passion for Witchcraft, herb/plant allies, crystals and jewelry making; the four collided to create this venture.

I am driven by my own creative madness, and the guide of my Spirits.

All items are created and brought to life by myself. The crystals, stones and minerals that I sell here are chosen carefully and ethically sourced.

I believe that Magick is something everyone should (and can) experience; if I am able to help someone feel it through my signature Wearable Magick pieces, relaxing with my herbal blends, meditating with crystals, or casting spells with my ritual kits then I have successfully accomplished my goal.

In Light, in Dark, and in Shadows,

Jaclyn Cherie

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