Modern Woman, Traditional Witch, Ancient Methods

I am an Author, Writer and Hedge Witch with my roots planted in Upstate New York. I have a passion for herbs, Spirituality, crystals and jewelry making; the four collided to create this venture.

All items are thought of, blended, created and brought to life by myself. I am driven by my own creative madness, and the guide of Spirits. The crystals, stones and rocks that I sell here are chosen carefully, ethically sourced, and personal favorites of mine.

I believe that Magick is something everyone should (and can) experience; if I am able to help someone feel it through wearing my pieces, relaxing with my herbal blends, meditating with crystals, or divining with pendulums then I have successfully accomplished my goal.

All items come fully cleansed, charged and ready to go. I use both Sunlight and Moonlight to clear, and energize everything in the Shop after creation, and before shipping. The tools and supplies are always charging with the energy of crystals and Sacred Geometry; so even before creation they are infused with Divine love and energy.

And, of course, the fiery brimstone from my Soul can be felt in all of my pieces.

All my Love,

Jaclyn Cherie

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